Connecting People in your Community

Open: Mon - Fri  9am to 2pm   Tel: 01250 874 269

Connecting People in your Community

Open: Mon - Fri  9am to 2pm   Tel: 01250 874 269



Our Befriending Service

Our volunteer befrienders can act as support for short term illness (could be the flu, recovery from a small operation, or a breakage such as an arm or leg) where getting out and about can be a real problem. Our befrienders can also provide regular visits for a friendly chat, help with shopping needs and help build on confidence to recovery. We are aware that some older people may not wish to be reconnected to services but are living in loneliness – our befrienders will be matched to clients and will make regular contacts whether it is by phone, calling in for a chat or taking them out for a drive in the country for a coffee etc.   

Our befrienders will be trained to identify malnutrition in older people and can build on friendship 

(One in 10 older people in Scotland area at risk of malnutrition and Blairgowrie and Rattray have a high ageing population with a large volume of rural isolated housing and a high population of retired people).   

Elder Voice is affiliated to Befriending Scotland Network. 

Due to the nature of some vulnerable adults Elder Voice comply with CRBS Disclosure Scotland procedures and all volunteers undergo PVG disclosures.

If you would like to volunteer as a Befriender, please fill in the form here.

Tel: 01250 874 269


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