Connecting People in your Community

Open: Mon - Fri  9am to 2pm   Tel: 01250 874 269

Connecting People in your Community

Open: Mon - Fri  9am to 2pm   Tel: 01250 874 269


Connecting people in your community

Elder Voice is a local charity connecting people in the community and addressing loneliness, isolation and malnutrition in older people living in Blairgowrie, Rattray and surrounding areas.     

Our mission through the power of volunteering is “to help people maintain independence and live the life they want”.  

To be eligible to use any of our services Elder Voice require you to complete our membership form which can be completed online …………or you can pick up a form from our office.  

We have three strands of services which we are providing as detailed below.

Neighbourhood Link

Our Neighbourhood Links team can help you:

  • Rediscover your interests
  • Meet new friends
  • Confidence building


Our Befriending Volunteers aim to provide regular contact for clients such as:

  • Calling in for a chat and a ‘cuppa’
  • Encouragement and support
  • Reduce the amount of time spent at home alone


Our voluntary community transport helps older people connect to services:

  • Hospital appointments
  • Social activities
  • Maintain independence

Looking to help?

Neighbourhood Link Volunteers

Could you give a helping hand to encourage isolated persons to live again and connect to services of their choice?    

Befriender Volunteers

Would you take satisfaction from improving the happiness and well-being of an older person? 

Volunteer Drivers

Do you drive and own a car? Would you like to be part of a voluntary team to help older people in your community?  

Our office

1 Commercial Street, Blairgowrie, PH10 6NL

Our newly refurbished office on Commercial Street is our base for co-ordinating and organising the Elder Voice activities


What Our Clients/Volunteers Say

Being able to help someone local get out more and get a sense of life and purpose back has been incredibly satisfying.

Fiona, April 2019

At first I didn't want to ask for help as I din't want to bother anyone but the companionship and help I've had from the volunteers has made an amazing difference to my life.

Joyce, April 2019

I now have some freedom back and can get out so much more than I could before, it's been a great help, thank you very much.

Tom, April 2019

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